About Our Fund

While other investment funds compete head to head on broker-delivered offerings, ReaTech Fund 1 is working smarter, not harder. ReaTech Fund 1 is an institutional-grade real estate private equity fund utilizing data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology to analyze data variables across thousands of properties and their owners in real-time to uncover acquisition opportunities with the highest propensity to sell below market value.


Backed by talented Stanford Ph.D. statisticians and computer engineers, MGM has been able to successfully implement this technology to uncover undervalued multifamily assets in some of the United States' most competitive real estate markets


Our Approach




Our data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology analyzes thousands of data points in real-time, extracting high probability acquisition opportunities.

We employ a team of associates dedicated solely to developing and nurturing relationships with active brokers across our target markets.

A dedicated team of acquisitions associates supported by marketing automation and an advanced CRM system allows us to build and nurture meaningful relationships directly with property owners.


Target Asset Class
  • Multifamily

​Preferred Deal Size
  • Single Asset Acquisition: 80+ Unit Apartment Complexes

Investment Strategy
  • Value-Add

Target Geographic Footprint
  • Virginia

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Tennessee

  • Alabama

  • Georgia

  • Florida

  • Texas

Achieving Results:
  • Replace less experienced ownership and drive rents to market by completing unit and amenity upgrades and executing a thorough marketing plan.

  • Implement cost controls and operational efficiencies to increase the property's cash flows and value.

  • Target transactions where the Fund’s basis is below the current replacement cost for the asset.


  • Quarterly, tax-sheltered income

  • Superior investment returns with low-risk profiles unmatched in the industry

  • Portfolio diversification beyond stocks, bonds, and cash

  • Capital preservation by hedging against inflation

  • Vertically integrated Sponsor - acquisitions, construction, and property management under one roof

  • Highly targeted markets with significant upside potential

  • Strict underwriting process backed by data, tech, and a talented team of real estate professionals



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An accredited investor is someone who has an annual income greater than $200,000 a year (for the past 2 years), or has a joint household annual income greater than $300,000 (for the past 2 years), or has a net worth greater than $1,000,000 (not including their primary residence). There are other nuances and also rules for trusts and LLCs. Our investments are for accredited investors only.


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