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Our Advantage

We use data aggregation, AI, and machine learning to source undervalued multifamily investment opportunities

  • We've built expansive data aggregation pathways, delivering information in real-time on a property and owner level.

  • We layered in advanced AI and machine learning to analyze this data providing our team with insights into trends and assigning probability scores to owners based on their likelihood to transact for a below-market price.

  • We employ a dedicated team of associates supported by marketing automation and an advanced CRM system built specifically to maximize our ability to source off-market multifamily acquisition opportunities.

Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno

Our Track Record

We have achieved an average discount of 10% to market value using this technology since inception in some of the most competitive real estate markets in the United States.

20 Years

More than 20 years of experience in asset acquisition, financing, development, leasing, property management, and asset dispositions.


Over 230 million in transactions completed.

1,387 Units

Over 1,300 units transacted with 800 units currently under management across 7 states.


Target Asset Class​​
  • Multifamily

​Preferred Deal Size
  • Single Asset Acquisition: 80+ Unit Apartment Complexes

Investment Strategy
  • Value-Add

Target Geographic Footprint
  • Virginia

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Tennessee

  • Alabama

  • Georgia

  • Florida

  • Texas

Achieving Results:
  • Use our proven technology to target transactions where the Fund’s basis is below the current replacement cost for the asset.

  • Replace less experienced and retiring owners and drive rents to market by completing unit and amenity upgrades and executing a thorough marketing plan.

  • Implement cost controls and operational efficiencies to increase the property's cash flows and value.


  • Quarterly, tax-sheltered income

  • Superior investment returns with low-risk profiles unmatched in the industry

  • Portfolio diversification beyond stocks, bonds, and cash

  • Capital preservation by hedging against inflation

  • Vertically integrated Sponsor - acquisitions, construction, and property management under one roof

  • Highly targeted markets with significant upside potential

  • Strict underwriting process backed by data, tech, and a talented team of real estate professionals

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