We develop, finance and operate early stage projects (Greenfield projects), usually in cooperation/association with local project sponsors.

We identify, analyze, integrate, implement, supervise operations and monitor performance of its renewable energy project portfolio.

We advise and structure acquisitions of renewable energy assets.


MGM Innova Renewables LLC (MGM RE) is a development company focused on promoting, developing, financing, owning and operating commercial and utility-scale renewable energy power systems worldwide.

As a developer and operator, MGM Innova Renewables provides power to businesses, utilities, and government entities that would like to benefit from renewable energy without capital investment costs or operational responsibilities.

MGM Renewables is commited to deliver competitive pricing and energy savings to our customers.


MGM RE’s expertise in developing projects by implementing: Power Purchase Contracts* (PPAs) ensuring that renewable energy power systems are reliable with a fixed-priced power to its customers.

MGM RE team draws on its considerable expertise in project development, structured finance, renewable energy technology, procurement, and construction/management to quickly and efficiently install the appropriate power system.

MGM RE works with a range of technologies and local integrators to identify a power system that best fits the needs of the site and/or our partner/customer.

Our preferred channel partner status with the largest integrators and equipment manufacturers gives us access to low cost equipment.

MGM-RE is the specialized branch in renewable energy, generation assets of the MGM Innova Group, and as such, it structures and supports all investments of our internal funds managed by MGM Innova Capital, the private equity investment firm of our Group.

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